Vanilla Oleoresin

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Vanilla generates a sense of well-being and a feeling of relaxation. As an anti-depressant, Vanilla scent suggests home, nurturance, and safety. Smelling vanilla makes you feel good. Vanilla's perfume is reassuring and pulls down inhibitions and is an aphrodisiac.
Common Name: Vanilla, Oleoresin
Family Name: Orchidaceae
Scientific Name: Vanilla planifolia
Country of Production: Madagascar, Mexico, Central America, Indonesia, Tahiti
Indigenous Country: Madagascar, Mexico, Central America, Indonesia, Tahiti
Country of Production: Madagascar, Mexico, Central America, Indonesia, Tahiti
Chemical Constituents: Class: Aldehyde. Over 160 identified constituents, levels of vanillin vary.
Plant Description: A perennial vine growing to 80ft. with green stems and large white orchid flowers producing green pods which ripen in nine months.
Processing Methods: Solvent extracted - resinoid. CO2 extraction.
Yin Yang: Yin
Color Range: Dark brown.
Applications: Aroma lamp, bath, food, inhaler, light bulb ring, liquid candle, massage, mist spray, perfume.
Emotional: Taken personal and spiritual growth as very important, intense, wanting to be the best person you know how to be TO acknowledge the good work you have done, appreciate self for all your accomplishments, give yourself a pat on the back.
Mental: I have worked hard and I have accomplished much. It is good to reward yourself for work well done.
Physical: Aphrodisiac, balsamic, calmative, emmenagogue, nervous sedative. Used for perfume, inducing menstruation, calming emotions, ease tension and anger. Used to reduce stress, promote sleep, uplift mood, strengthen sexual system, help to recall dreams.
Spiritual: When this oil is called for, it indicates that you are doing very well. It signals that you are going in the right direction and you need to take time and acknowledge and appreciate yourself and those in your environment.

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