Tobacco Absolute

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Common Name: Tobacco Leaf, Tobacco
Family Name: Solanaceae
Scientific Name: Nicotiana tabacum
Country of Production: France
Indigenous Country: France
Country of Production: France
Chemical Constituents: Trace nicotine in the absolute, phenols, fuajacol, furfurol, ketones, solanesol.
Plant Description: A perennial plant growing to 15ft high with fragrant flowers and the scent is strongest when the sun goes down.
Processing Methods: Steamed distilled. CO2 extraction. Absolute.
Yin Yang: Yang
Color Range: Dark brown.
Applications: Has been used in bath therapy but under close supervised conditions. This oil is still under study.
Emotional: Self-deceptive, afraid to see the truth about others and yourself TO comfortably able to come to the truth about reality whether it is "bad or good."
Mental: I want to see and hear all that deceives me. I am ready for the truth about myself.
Physical: Used to calm extreme emotional states, dull the senses, and as an aphrodisiac. We see this oil as experimental so one must use with caution.
Spiritual: Can indicate that you are ready to move forward in your spiritual journey with joy and bliss. It can also mean you have not been productive and moving forward, but only moving in circles getting no where. Never use Tabacco without proper guidance and supp
Tobacco (absolute) can be used with a stop smoking program. Instead of smoking a cigarette, smelling the Tobacco Oil four times through each nostril will help stop the craving. Tobacco Absolute is a powerful oil and will heal integrity issues. There are trace amounts of nicotine.