Thyme, White Essential Oil

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White Thyme Essential Oil is lower in thymol, a powerful phenol, than Red Thyme. Phenols are skin sensitizers and can burn or create rashes on the skin. Use all thyme oils with carriers. If treating bacterial, viral, or fungal respiratory infections, inhale by misting, vaporizing, or adding a few drops to hot water placing a towel over your head and breathing. Close your eyes.
Common Name: Thyme, White
Family Name: Lamiaceae (Mint)
Scientific Name: Thymus vulgaris, T. zygis
Country of Production: Spain
Indigenous Country: Spain
Country of Production: Spain
Chemical Constituents: Varies to manipulation. Redistilled, thymol can be less 50%. Thymol added can be higher than 50%
Plant Description: An evergreen perennial herb growing to 1ft high with small gray-green leaves and white flowers.
Processing Methods: Stretched. Rectified (redistilled).
Yin Yang: Yang
Color Range: Clear to yellow. Orange.
Applications: Aroma lamp, bath (under proper supervision and fixed oil), diffusor, inhaler, light bulb ring, liquid candle, massage, mist spray, steam inhalation.
Emotional: Tired, lonely, stressed, self-centered, self pity, anger (at God), abuse issues TO self-reliant, able to express anger and clear it, feel connected with higher source.
Mental: I can express my anger to God without fear of punishment or retribution. I am connected with my higher self.
Physical: Anti-infectious, antibacterial, antifungal, antiparasitic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, analgesic, expectorant, cholagogue, choleretic, cicatrizant, anthelmintic, febrifuge, tonic, general stimulant. Used for acne, impetigo, abscesses, wounds, flu, etc.
Spiritual: Can indicate that you have some anger with God. White Thyme clears issues of abuse and anger that is often blocked because we feel that we can't express it because it is directed towards God and it will be this anger that allows a spiritual disconnect.

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