The Becoming

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The Becoming - A love Story

There is an untold or forgotten story moving through our world and us. Because we are unaware of it, things happen to us that we have no explanation for. The Becoming reveals the story of the universe's unfolding and your place within it.

The Becoming is a process methodology providing an analytical tool for revealing hidden influences in the cyclic phases of manifestation in ourselves, our relationship to others, and the world around us.

This approach was basically revealed to me 30 years ago. I was looking for a simple way to interpret astrological charts. A way that anyone could look at the chart and understand what was going on without years of training and study. When one looked at a chart, the mind was overwhelmed with signs, houses, planets, and aspects, etcetera. From my studies I knew that the same message would often be repeated within the chart over and over. Surely there must be a way to read a chart that would quickly reveal the soul's major strengths, challenges, and path.

 I discovered that this was possible if the chart is converted to its simplest form. Planets become dots placed in a chart divided into hemispheres & quadrants. When looked at as a 24-hour clock, a process is revealed that gives quick insight into the meaning. From understanding the significance of the hemispheres, quadrants, and dot placements, a truly powerful tool in chart interpretation emerges. Within a few hours, a person can take any chart and tell you the basic life strengths, challenges, and path of and individual or situation.

This is fun to learn and exciting to apply. It is powerful in its simplicity, as less is more. Basic life principles are discussed and understood. While some new concepts may be challenging to your worldview, perseverance will reward you with a new bag of tools for examining life. Like a kaleidoscope that changes when turned, or a camera lens that polarizes and filters, you will see hidden elements and connections emerge from the chaos of life that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. This new illumination will enhance your awareness and reveal expanded options you would never have known exist. Ready or not, you are in for an unforgettable experience.

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