Myrtle Maceration

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Myrtle is an ancient symbol for love and was used in perfumes thousands of years ago. The essential oil of red myrtle has a high phenol content and carries many warnings. This maceration is similar to the green myrtle produced by Corsica, and carries no warnings.
Common Name: Myrtle, Sweet Myrtle
Family Name:
Scientific Name: Myrtus species
Country of Production:
Indigenous Country:
Country of Production:
Chemical Constituents: Fractionated Coconut Oil, Essential Oils, and Flavonoids
Plant Description:
Processing Methods:
Yin Yang:
Color Range:
Applications: Very effective in skin care products, especially for the face. Can be used in anti-allergenic formulas geared towards hay fever relief. It is also effective in anti-stress formulas or in insomnia formulas.
Emotional: There is a fresh breeze coming into your life and it may be in the form of a new relationship, new attitude about yourself, or living in new surroundings.
Physical: There is a pleasant scent to this oil, as it calms and sedates. It is astringent, regenerating, and anti-allergenic.
Spiritual: It is a time to renew and allow the old things that have not been working in your life to leave. Sunny days, gentle temperatures, cool breezes, and fluffy clouds are pictured. Relax and enjoy. Love is all around you.

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