Myrrh Essential Oil

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Myrrh Essential Oil is effective in treating gum diseases, sores in the mouth, and makes an excellent mouthwash to promote oral health. Myrrh Oil is used in skin preparation for damaged, chapped, or cracked skin, but it can be irritating to sensitive skin.
Common Name: Myrrh
Family Name: Burseraceae (Incense)
Scientific Name: Commiphora myrrha, Balsamodendrom myrrha
Country of Production: Ethiopia, Somalia, Yemen
Indigenous Country: Ethiopia, Somalia, Yemen
Country of Production: Ethiopia, Somalia, Yemen
Chemical Constituents: Varies widely. Class: Terpene. Heerabolene, limonene, dipentene, pinene.
Plant Description: Shrubs or small trees growing to 33 feet high with knotted branches and trifoliate aromatic leaves producing white flowers. It grows in very dry conditions and naturally produces resin from fissures in its trunk.
Processing Methods: Steam or water distilled. Resinoid by solvent extraction.
Yin Yang: Yin/Yang
Color Range: Yellow to amber. Dark reddish-brown
Applications: Aroma lamp, bath, inhaler, light bulb ring, liquid candles, massage, mist spray, salve, skin lotion, toothpaste.
Emotional: Feel like you have "fuzzy edges," disoriented, not yourself, out of balance TO greater awareness of self as a member of humanity, greater understanding of how you can serve, ego balance with higher self.
Mental: I am more than I once thought. I have a purpose that goes beyond the little me. As I serve, I now know that I am served. I have all the time I need.
Physical: Used for inflamed or cracked skin, athletes foot, wrinkles, voice loss, sore throat, asthma, bronchitis, cough, gum disease, colds, wasting digestive diseases, ulcers, diarrhea, gas, loss of appetite, balancing sexual appetite, etc.
Spiritual: Can indicate that you are in a major transition or initiation especially involving changes going on within the planet and humanities energy field. Myrrh assists in tuning into dimensional realities without losing home base, Earth,

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