Loving More Blend

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This Loving More blend combines: 

Dark Amber -  strong aphrodisiac. Love is felt within deep resonant spaces. 

Cade - Can we feel compassion for ourselves and others? We all have stories. It is time to stop telling them and redefine ourselves without the trauma but in terms of love.

Cypriol -  Loving more is a balanced state so that the elements need to balance to support it.

Lavender Maceration - It calms and relaxes so that the fundamental processing of loving can be supported easily and graciously.

Rosemary Verbone - Create out of the void and not the old abuse that feels so you. It may be a bit uncomfortable but we can get use to being happy, self-assured, and living our dream.

Tonka Bean - This is the oil of initiation. It supports new beginnings. If you have not completed your journey with the old, you will led to see what needs clearing. . 

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