Lotus, White Absolute ( Diluted)

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Common Name: White Lotus, Sacred Lotus
Family Name: Nymphaeaceae
Scientific Name: Nelumbo nucifera, Nympheae lotus
Country of Production: India
Indigenous Country: India
Country of Production: India
Chemical Constituents: The color of the oil would suggest phenols but unsure at this writing
Plant Description: Shallow-water, night blooming plant with creeping rhizome that sends up long-stalked, nearly circular, dark green leathery leaves, which float on the surface. The flowers, up to 25 cm(10 inches) across, remain open until midday.
Processing Methods: Solvent/ Alcohol
Yin Yang: Yin
Color Range: Yellow to Orange
Applications: Massage, bath, diffusor, blending, perfumery.
Emotional: Lost, feel dirty and unable to clean yourself, feeling you have let down someone even though there is no evidence of this, feel tense through your shoulders and neck and the pain does not want to go away, feeling punished for not being good enough TO know
Mental: I am part of the world. Through me that which is less than can become greater than. I am important part of the world.
Physical: Unable to find documented evidence for its uses. As a perfume oil, there is a medicial note that may interfer with its use. There is a wonderful heart to this oil and does have potential in the perfume market. It also is used in magical blends or material and spiritual abundance.
Spiritual: Can indicate that you feel caught in the world. The world may appear cold, cruel, mean, nasty, abusive, etc. Only very special people call for this oil. People needing this oil are usually serving the Earth in some way. It is very easy to get caught in th
White Lotus Absolute is a rare and valuable oil. Use in skin care cosmetics. You only need to add a few drops to get the full benefit. White Lotus Oil is a lovely perfume oil and can be worn by itself. Add to the warm wax well of a candle to quietly diffuse into the space.