Kunzea Essential Oil

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Kunzea Essential Oil is anti-inflammatory. It helps relieve migraines as well as muscle and joint injuries. Use Kunzea Oil to repel insects especially ticks. Use as you would use an antibiotic.
Common Name: Kunzea, Tick Bush, White Kunzea, Southern Spring Flower, White Cloud
Family Name: Myrtaceae
Scientific Name: Kunzea ambigua
Country of Production: Australia
Indigenous Country: Australia
Country of Production: Australia
Chemical Constituents: Class: Terpene. Alpha-pinene, cineole, globulol, vividiflor
Plant Description: Evergreen erect straggly shrubs growing to 2-4 m high. Leaves are narrow with white flowers blooming in the Spring. The plant prefers sunny, dry spots.
Processing Methods: Steam distilled
Yin Yang: Yang
Color Range: Pale yellow
Applications: Aroma lamp, bath (with proper fixed oil), diffusor, inhaler, light bulb ring, massage, mist spray.
Emotional: Paranoid, insecure, insignificant, TO secure, have meaning in your life, valued
Mental: I feel secure and safe in my world.
Physical: Analgesic, antibacterial, antiarthritic. Used for muscle and tendon strain, reducing pain from gout, headaches, and spider bites. Dries up certain forms of dermatitis, repels insects Use with severe skin conditions.
Spiritual: Can indicate you are feeling alienated and wanting to rejoin the world. You may have been spending long hours by yourself and a little unsure or afraid to join in again.

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