Goldenrod Maceration

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Goldenrod Maceration is good for depression, creating love feelings toward the world and those around you. Use to massage into kidney and bladder area to improve urination and elimination.
Common Name: Goldenrod
Family Name:
Scientific Name: Solidago species
Country of Production:
Indigenous Country:
Country of Production:
Chemical Constituents: Fractionated Coconut Oil, Essential Oils, Flavinoids
Plant Description:
Processing Methods:
Yin Yang:
Color Range:
Applications: Good for wound healing ointments, respiratory rubs, and cough preparations. It is good to use with echinacea. Use for massages especially to promote detoxing.
Emotional: You can be feeling disappointed about the world you live in. There may be no sense of belonging in the world or wanting to escape what appears to you to be an awful mess. Goldenrod will allow you to reconnect and feel good about being part of the world.

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