Goldenrod Essential Oil

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Common Name: Goldenrod, Tall Goldenrod, Woundwort, Field Goldenrod
Family Name: Asteraceae (Composite, Daisy)
Scientific Name: Solidago canadensis, S. altissima, S. odorta
Country of Production: USA
Indigenous Country: USA
Country of Production: USA
Chemical Constituents: Class: Terpene/Ester. Pinene, bornyl acetate, benzoates, methyl chavicol, borneol.
Plant Description: A stiff, upright perennial herb growing to 7 feet high with numerous stems forming clumps and branches in their upper portions. The leaves are lance-shaped measuring up to six inches long and one-half to one inch wide. Flowers form in long terminal cluste
Processing Methods: Steam distilled
Yin Yang: Yin
Color Range: Clear.
Applications: Bath, inhaler, diffusor, massage, perfume.
Emotional: Stressed, critical, dislike most things, find things wrong in everything TO happy, well-being, optimistic, nothing seems to bother you, everything is allowed.
Mental: I am in love with myself. I love my world and all that is in it. I know I have a happy ending.
Spiritual: Can indicate that your life is very stressed. You are not enjoying life enough and are paying too much attention to unimportant things that worry you. It balances the heart chakra and imbues the energy field with love of life and all its creatures.
Goldenrod Essential Oil is steam distilled right here at Gritman. We go out into the world and collect large quantities of the flowers with some leaves and distill during the month of October. The scent creates good will and cooperation even though there are problems. We consider Goldenrod Oil to be a premier agape love oil.