Garlic Essential Oil

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Garlic Essential Oil is very strong oil. It is the #1 oil to counter evil or events that do not have your best interests at heart. Garlic by nature will protect you. Do not use unless you have supervision. Garlic can bring up very dark memories of abuse and betrayal. This oil needs to be respected.
Common Name: Garlic
Family Name: Lilaceae (Lily)
Scientific Name: Allium sativum
Country of Production: China, Mexico, Egypt, Bulgaria, France
Indigenous Country: China, Mexico, Egypt, Bulgaria, France
Country of Production: China, Mexico, Egypt, Bulgaria, France
Chemical Constituents: Class: ?. Allicin, allylopropyl, disulphide, diallyl trisulphide,methylpropyl trisulphide.
Plant Description: A perennial herb growing to 4 feet with long flat leaves and a long stem of multiple, small white flowers shaped in a ball.
Processing Methods: Steam distilled.
Yin Yang: Yang
Color Range: Clear to light yellow.
Applications: Bath (with proper carrier oil and sacred space), diffuse, massage, spray mist
Emotional: Hurt, rageful, angry, repressed trauma especially sexual, denying negative or offensive side TO at peace with the offense, at peace with self for being the victim or the offender, no longer needing to project anger at self or others.
Mental: I am balanced between my light side and my dark side. I have made peace with my shadow. I want to see, hear and know the truth.
Spiritual: This can indicate that you are ready to connect with your dark side or the dark side of life. There could be rage around some heinous behavior.

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