Fir Needle, Silver Essential Oil

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We finally have this back after losing our supplier several years ago. We now have a wonderful connection in Albania. In Eastern Europe it is used as a natural cleaner similar to how we use Pine. Sadly most of that is synethic on the market. The smell will remind you of Christmas Trees.
Common Name: Silver Fir Needle
Family Name: Pinaceae (Pine)
Scientific Name: Abies alba
Country of Production: Canada and Europe
Indigenous Country: Canada and Europe
Country of Production: Canada and Europe
Chemical Constituents: Class Monoterpene. Limonene, camphrene, pinene, and some esters
Plant Description: A small evergreen conifer with a regular pyramidal shape with silvery, white bark.
Processing Methods: Steam distilled
Yin Yang: Yin/Yang
Color Range: Clear to light yellow
Applications: Aftershave, aroma lamp, bath, cologne, diffusor, inhaler, light bulb ring, liquid candles, massage, mist spray, steam inhalation.
Emotional: Unable to receive or unable to give love, alienated, unhappy, alone TO happy, able to receive and to being kind as it is appropriate.
Mental: I am able to give and receive as I need. I love and I am loved. It beings joy to me to give. It brings joy to me to receive.
Spiritual: Can indicate that there is an imbalance of giving and receiving. You could be giving too much and receiving too little, or you could be taking too much and giving too little.

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