Elemi Essential Oil

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Common Name: Elemi, Elemi Gum, Elemi Oleoresin, Manila Elemi, Java Almond
Family Name: Burseraceae (Incense)
Scientific Name: Canarium species, C. luzonicum, C. commune, C. communis
Country of Production: Philippines
Indigenous Country: Philippines
Country of Production: Philippines
Chemical Constituents: Class: Monoterpene. Phellandrane, limonene, terpinole, pinene, dipentene, elernol.
Plant Description: A tropical, evergreen tree growing to 100 feet, producing yellow fragrant flowers, yielding green fruits that produce nuts called pili. The tree can bear up to 70 pounds of nuts a year.
Processing Methods: Steam distilled, also resinoid and absolute.
Yin Yang: Yin
Color Range: Clear to yellow, which darkens with age.
Applications: Aroma lamp, bath, compress, inhaler, light bulb ring, liniments, massage, mist spray, salve, steam inhalation, perfume.
Emotional: Nervous, stressed, repressed emotional anguish TO compassion for others and self, relaxed, joyous calm.
Mental: I realize that the world is not perfect, but I know that it is exactly the way it needs to be. My life is unfolding just as it is supposed to. I am finding comfort and joy within my life.
Spiritual: Can indicate that you are in a major transition or change, like a mid-life crisis and/or spiritual initiation. It could also indicate that there is a need to release deeply held emotions or anguish so that you can move through this change more easily and
Elemi Essential Oil comes from the same family that includes Frankincense and Myrrh and Elemi Oil is often substituted for them. The scent of Elemi is better with balsamic, pine, and lemon notes. In perfume it is used a base or fixative.