Douglas Fir Essential Oil

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Douglas Fir is very similar to Hemlock Spruce. There is also a variant called glauca which is referred to as Rocky Mountain Douglas Fir. Most lemon-scented of the firs, therefore first choice as a room freshener.
Common Name: Douglas Fir, Oregon Balsam, Coast Douglas Fir
Family Name: Pinaceae (Pine)
Scientific Name: Psuedotsuga menziesii
Country of Production: United States
Indigenous Country: United States
Country of Production: United States
Chemical Constituents: Monoterpene. Pinene (up to 75%), limonene, borneol, geranyl, citronellyl, citrals.
Plant Description: An evergreen tree groing to over 200 feet high with flat needles and reddish brown bark, producing cones 2-3 inches long having three-pronged bracts.
Processing Methods: Steam Distilled
Yin Yang: Yin
Color Range: Clear
Applications: Bath, diffusing, inhalation, massage.
Emotional: Avoiding, denial, always busy, stressed, hectic pace, needing activity to calm you down, can't just sit and relax, need to always be talking TO mellow, periods of time where you seem to be doing nothing, open to listening to yourself, at peace and quiet
Mental: I am open to listening to myself. I am able to be silent and be filled with the knowledge around me. I am in touch with myself and my guides.
Spiritual: Can indicate damage caused to the field by overexposure to high tech equipment: TV, video games, computers, microwaves, headphones, car phones, beepers, etc. It is time to turn it off. You are too over exposed. You need time away - time to heal.

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