Dormant Virus Blend

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Dormant viruses may still affect you up to 8 hours on contact. This blend high in alcohols and phenols can help protect you either as a spray or dropper blend Alcohol rich oils: Geranium - gives support to the adrenals and lymphatic system which strengthen the immune system. Lavender - this oil will also help you relax as stress undermines the immune system. Lemon Petitgrain - this oil will also help you to sleep which is a major tool for supporting the immune system. Phenol rich oils: Cinnamon Leaf - This oil can also be helpful in preventing lung infection which often accompanies the flu. Oregano - This oil is also a powerful anti-fungal and also good at clearing lung infections that are fungal in nature. If someone has a lung infection and is not responding to antibiotics, try oregano as the infection could be fungal. Winter Savory - This oil is a powerful immune stimulant. It is very hot so carriers must be used if applying to the body.

Ingredients: Lavender, Geranium, Lemon Petigrain, Oregano, Winter Savory, Cinnamon Leaf

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Applications: Spray or inhalation

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