Costus Root, Dilution

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Common Name: Costus Root, Kuth
Family Name: Asteraceae
Scientific Name: Saussurea costus, S. lappa
Country of Production: India
Indigenous Country: India
Country of Production: India
Chemical Constituents: Class: Sesquiterpene, Lactone, aplotaene, costunolide
Plant Description: Plant growing to 8 feet tall
Processing Methods: Steam Distilled
Yin Yang: Yin
Color Range: Brown
Applications: Bath Therapy, Massage (skin teat before using), Misting
Emotional: Feelings of self pity, depressed over difficult life and bad childhood experiences TO feeling appreciative for all life experiences, feeling happy to be alive
Mental: All life experiences bring with them gifts. I see the gifts within lifes difficulties. I am a better person for enduring and getting through the rough times.
Spiritual: Can indicate that you are feeling sorry for yourself. Your life may not be how you want it. Take heart, as life is not as bad as you think. Change your focus from yourself to others and there will be a miraculous change in your life. Costus Root will help
We highly recommend Costus Root as a dilution, it is extremely thick and hard to work with in its undiluted form. Costus Root Absolute is exotic. Its tenacious odor is reminiscent of old wood, with a distinctly animal or sebaceous undertone. The Costus Root scent is often described like human hair, fur coats or wet dogs. Costus root oil is most often used in Oriental type perfumes.