Cedarwood, Himalayan Essential Oil

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Himalayan Cedarwood Essential Oils chemical profile is very similar to Atlas Cedarwood Essential Oil and they can be substituted for one another. Because it grows in the Himalayan Mountains and is considered sacred, this cedarwood is used more to create sacred places and for energetic healing.

Common Name: Himalayan Cedarwood, Deodar Cedarwood
Family Name: Pinaceae (Pine)
Scientific Name: Cedrus deodora
Country of Production: India
Indigenous Country: India
Country of Production: India
Chemical Constituents: Class: Ketone/Terpene. Atlantone, carophylene, cedrol, cadinene.
Plant Description: A conifer tree growing to 120 feet. No herbal references are sited. Refer to Atlas Cedarwood.
Processing Methods: Steam distilled.
Yin Yang: Yin
Color Range: Clear.
Applications: Aftershave, bath, massage, meditation, soap.
Emotional: Depressed, alienated, paranoid, panicked TO calm, assured, confident, feeling a part of community yet enjoying your times alone.
Mental: I am a light. I am aligned with my higher self. I walk to my own beat and I am not alone, as I am with myself.
Spiritual: Can indicate that damage has occurred to the energy field because of spiritual detachment and isolation. Something has happened to you and you felt the best way to take care of yourself was to retreat. It is time to come out of hiding.

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