Cedar Leaf, Thuja Essential Oil

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Cedar Leaf Thuja essential oil is considered a very powerful oil and not to be used without guidance. It helps relieve difficult respiratory problems including viral pneumonia. It relieves congestion and helps expel mucus while supporting the heart.
Common Name: Thuja Cedar Leaf, White Cedar, Swamp Cedar
Family Name: Cupressceae (Cypress)
Scientific Name: Thuja occidentalis
Country of Production: Canada, France
Indigenous Country: Canada, France
Country of Production: Canada, France
Chemical Constituents: Class: Ketone. Thujone, fenchone, camphor, sabinene, pinene.
Plant Description: A coniferous tree up to 65 feet high with scale-like leaves and broadly winged seeds.
Processing Methods: Steam distilled
Yin Yang: Yin
Color Range: Yellowish green.
Applications: Not recommended for aromatherapy use. Essential oil therapy will use in the bath and massage.
Emotional: Pessimistic, uncertain, sad TO competent, in control, contented, clear-headed.
Mental: I am in control of my life. I direct and decide what will happen to me.
Spiritual: Can indicate that damage has occurred to the energy field. This damage can come from emotional trauma, medical procedures, exposure to radiation, drugs both legal and illegal, alcohol abuse, abusive treatment, illness, accidents, childbirth, and extreme

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