Buddha Wood Essential Oil

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Common Name: Buddha Wood, Buddah, Budtha, False or Bastard Sandalwood Tree, Australian Desert Rosewood
Family Name: Myoporceae
Scientific Name: Eremophillia mitchelli, Eremophila mitchelli Bentham
Country of Production: Australia
Indigenous Country: Australia
Country of Production: Australia
Chemical Constituents: Class: Ketone. Almost 100% ketones. Eremphilone, hydroxyeremophilone, hydroxy dihydroeremophilone
Plant Description: An evergreen and often resinous shrub to small tree ( 3-8 meters) in height. Grows in may areas predominantly found on Western slopes and plains of New South Wales, Queensland, and South Australia. Exhibits dark, rough bark, with hairless leaves.
Processing Methods: Steam Distillation
Yin Yang: Yang
Color Range: Dark Copper Red
Applications: Perfumery, bath, massage, diffuser, blending, fixative
Emotional: Given up, defeated, betrayed, vulnerable, unable to defend yourself, humiliated, the world is a terrible place full of terrible people, profound sadness, not wishing to live TO accepting your experiences, feeling strong and capable of dealing with life
Mental: The world may not be the perfect place that I wish it to be. I am still able to function and continue with meaning and purpose. I accept my life for what it is and continue my adventure knowing that all will not be perfect but it will be my experience.
Spiritual: Can indicate you feel God has betrayed you. Issues of God betrayal often undermine the will to live. You have been doing your work and you have been walking your path. It is not enough. Things are not working out as they should.
Buddha Wood Essential Oil is ideal for meditating. You just need to smell or mist it into your sacred space. Buddha Wood has many spiritual qualities. It is also good for pain relief particularly with sore muscles and joints.