Basil Maceration

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Gritman macerations are made from plants growing in the Gritman Garden. We use Fractionated Coconut Oil as the solvent to absorb all the fat soluble properties of the plant. Macerations are essential oils but more as they have the fat soluble parts of the plant that are too large to be distilled. The scent is not as strong as the essential oil but the essential oil properties are still there and at the same time they bring with them their own carrier. Basil is an ancient herb and there is much historical information on the plant. It was used in China, India, and Egypt. It is still studied today and there seems to be some data to suggest basil is effective with herpes and shingles.
Common Name: Basil, Sweet Basil, Cinnamon Basil, Lemon Basil, Thai Basil, Blue Basil, Tulsi
Family Name: Lamiaceae (Mint)
Scientific Name: Ocimum species
Country of Production: USA/TX
Indigenous Country: USA/TX
Country of Production: USA/TX
Chemical Constituents:
Plant Description:
Processing Methods:
Yin Yang: Yin
Color Range:
Applications: Aroma lamp, bath, compress, diffusor, inhaler, light bulb ring, lotion, massage, mist spray, perfume.
Emotional: Your world is changing and the way you think about yourself within that world is changing. Things have happened to you and they have not always been pleasant. It is time to see that everything was on purpose and nothing really happened to you to hurt or
Spiritual: traumatize you. If you feel hurt or traumatized, it is time to change your ideas about this. The gateway to healing is changing your views or reframing your life events. If you will let it, your world will change for the better.

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