Basil, Sweet French Essential Oil

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Sweet Basil is the basil that is most associated with food and cooking. This essential oil can be used to flavor your food. The chemotype of Sweet Basil is linalool, a major constituent in lavender. Sweet Basil Essential Oil is a good tonic for the treatment of depression and stress related headaches. It is used to clear the mind and relieve intellectual fatigue, while giving clarity and mental strength. When adding Sweet Basil oil to a warm bath, it can help relieve gout, arthritic, muscular and menstrual pains. It is effective in digestive disorders, ranging from nausea to hiccups, and for infections in the respiratory tract.
Common Name: Sweet French Basil, Linalool Basil, Common Basil, True Basil, European Basil
Family Name: Lamiaceae (Mint)
Scientific Name: Ocimum basilicum
Country of Production: Egypt, Europe, United States, South America, Pacific Islands.
Indigenous Country: Egypt, Europe, United States, South America, Pacific Islands.
Country of Production: Egypt, Europe, United States, South America, Pacific Islands.
Chemical Constituents: Class: Phenol/Alcohol. Linalool up to 45%, methyl chavicol, eugenol, limonene, citronellol.
Plant Description: A tender annual herb with very dark green ovate leaf tops while gray-green beneath. It has an erect square stem up to 24 inches high with white, blue or purple flowers.
Processing Methods: Steam distilled
Yin Yang: Yang
Color Range: Clear to pale yellow.
Applications: Bath (with proper fixed oil), diffusor, food, inhaler, liquid candle, massage, mist spray, ointment.
Emotional: Feeling of loneliness, isolation, fear, abused (sexually) TO stable, feeling part of a community and confident.
Mental: I surrender to life. I realize that I have certain beliefs that are a lie. I can recognize them and I can change them easily and effortlessly. I work cooperatively with myself and my world.
Spiritual: Can indicate that some terrible things have happened to you. When this kind of abuse happens, it can really challenge how we hold the world and how we explain to ourselves the reasons for its occurrence. When we are children, it is very easy to

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