Anise, Star Essential Oil

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Star Anise Essential Oil can be rubbed onto the soles of the feet, breathed, or rubbed with carrier onto the chest front and back to prevent or relieve flu symptoms. It also helps with chronic pain, cough, urinary and respiratory infections. Spiritually it is a powerful protection oil and can protect against psychic attacks.
Common Name: Star Anise, Aniseed, Chinese Anise, Badian Anise
Family Name: Illiciaceae
Scientific Name: Illicium verum
Country of Production: China
Indigenous Country: China
Country of Production: China
Chemical Constituents: Class: Ether. Primarily anethole (up to 89%), limonene, chavicol.
Plant Description: Star Anise is an evergreen tree, 30 feet high, with star-shaped fruit, and it is fragrant but not as strong as anise seed.
Processing Methods: Crushed, steam distilled.
Yin Yang: Yang
Color Range: Clear to light yellow
Applications: Bath (with proper carrier oil), inhaler, massage, mist spray, steam inhalation.
Emotional: "Why me?" feelings, confused, traumatized TO strong. know you can handle whatever comes your way, you know bad things can happen, but it is not about hurting you, but learning from the experience.
Mental: I see the harshness and pain in my life and I am successfully dealing with it. I am strong. I can handle whatever comes my way.
Spiritual: Can indicate that some terrible things have happened to you and you are not sure how to heal the experience, but you want to get on with your life. Star anise will help you to feel your feelings. Identify what happened and what you need to learn from the

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