Agarwood Essential Oil

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Excellent oil to use in perfume blend when you want to affect the heart charka. It allows you to become whole and complete and not co-dependent on someone else or something. Will pull you out of your body for an ecstatic experience with mental clarity.
Common Name: Agarwood, Aloeswood, Crocodile Gahanu, Gaharu Buaya, Pik-puk, Gaharu, Creoles, and Pidgrins
Family Name: Thymelaeaceae
Scientific Name: Aetoxylon sympetalum
Country of Production: Indonesia, India, Bhitan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines
Indigenous Country: Indonesia, India, Bhitan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines
Country of Production: Indonesia, India, Bhitan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines
Chemical Constituents: Varies with different species. Aquilaria species classed as sesquiterpene with agarol. Aetoxylon species classed as Sesquiterpene: 3-Phenyl-2- butanone, ��-agarofuran, ��-agarofuran, agarospirol, 10-epi-��-eudesmol
Plant Description: Tall tree that becomes infected with mold. The tree creates a resin to counter the mold. This resin produces the scented wood used for fragrance and incense. There are two species of trees that are attacked by mold yielding perfumed resin.
Processing Methods: steam distillation
Yin Yang: Yang
Color Range: dark brown
Applications: Primarily used in perfumes.
Emotional: Not belonging, afraid, overwhelmed, overcome, dominated by someone or something TO feeling free, able to imagine realize a new self, feeling connected to higher self.
Mental: I am free of limitation. I can soar to new heights. I can rise beyond my station in life and realize my higher self. I am special.
Spiritual: Can indicate that something has latched onto you. You may have become addicted to some food, person, or behavior. This oil will help you to release any negative energy or pattern from your energy field. Agarwood is a higher heart oil.

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