Wholesalers and resellers fulfill different roles in the chain of logistics that stretches from producer to consumer. A wholesaler buys goods from their creator and sells them to the reseller, who then turns around and sells the goods to the general public.


Every consumer product has an origin somewhere. A company or individual makes the product, collects it or assembles it. However, if the task of both producing and marketing the product is too much work, the producer can sell it to a wholesaler. A wholesale company buys goods from producers -- they are the first buyers of the product after its creation. A wholesaler is interested in forming long-term relationships with suppliers who can sell them a good product at a low price.

Reselling Goods

Wholesalers do not sell their goods to the public. Instead, wholesalers sell their goods to resellers, or retailers, who operate stores that customers can visit. The retailer might assemble several types of products, like a convenience store, or they might focus on one specific area, such as a store for fragrances. Retailers must find a price point that allows them to make a profit, giving customers a good deal while not shortchanging their wholesalers.

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