From the moment I entered the lush tree sanctuary surrounding Gritman, I knew I was in a place of healing and renewal. The fresh warm smells of the herb garden surrounded me as I walked from my car and I already felt better. Though I had heard of your empathy and skill from my friend, your spirit and capabilities exceeded my expectations. I had used aromatherapy in the past with some success for sleep and relaxation, but this was my first experience treating a viral infection with essential oils. As a pediatrician, I often treat patients with illnesses that don't require antibiotics or other major interventions, but would really benefit from symptomatic treatment. Many medicines used for symptomatic relief in adults are not appropriate for use in young children, and families and providers are often looking for safe mild alternative ways to relieve the discomforts of these childhood illnesses. Now I know that an effective complimentary therapeutic strategy exists, and I will recommend your products and your consultative services to my patients and their families, and will tell like minded colleagues of my experiences. I wish you success and look forward to visiting again soon for a workshop or retreat. Thanks again!

With Love,
Atoosa MD Pediatrics Austin, Texas

When I first went to Gritman for a workshop I was so impressed just be the land that surrounds their sacred space. I knew at that moment that they were healers and I knew that they had a sacred contract with plants and the essential oils. I felt like I was visiting friends that I had not seen for a long timeand that I was more than just a person taking a class. I was honored and treated with the highest respect and walked away deom that class feeling like I had gotten much more then I had paid for. It was like a three day retreat in one afternoon. During class they served a lunch that was unbelieve. You could taste the love in the food.

The Gritman Essential Oils Company has high intergrity and compassion. They are a great service to our community. I am sl glad I live in the Houston area and they are close to me. As a massage therapist and healer I use their oils with most of my modalities. I also make soap and its wonderful because I use the Gritman Essential Oil in my bath salts, personal care products, and energy work.

They are very organized and professional and I have never been dissatified with anything that I have ordered, they aim to please. Anyone reading this should try a class and experience these healers. Anytime I need help or advice on the phone they take their time with me or they get back to me as soon as possible. Their customer service is the best in the country and I would advice anyonr to try their products as soon as possible. I am thinking about starting a Gritman Fan Club, does anyone want to join????

Hitaji, Houston TX


I purchased some of your oils back in October or November, including the flu kit and flu soap.  I am extremely happy to report that my family of five, has only had 1 small episode with the cold virus lasting only 3 days.  (My eight and 4 year old children)  I treated them with the flu kit and they never really came down with a full fledged cold, stuffy noses and minor cough.  In any event, I wanted to thank you and tell you how pleased I am to have found you and your company.  This is my first experience with essential oils and was not sure if they would work.  I am convinced.

I also purchased lemongrass and anise oils to increase milk production, also with great results! So, now I am an essential oils nut and would like to purchase some more oils and broaden my uses.

Amber-Osseo, WI


Thank you so much for your reply. Thank you for your reassurance, for sharing your experience, and your willingness to help. It means a LOT to me. But if she (a client of Waverly's) asks me any questions I don't know the answer to I will be writing to you again....

I appreciated your help so much you were the only ones who took the time to respond and offer help. That meant so much to me. Thank you kindy!! Have a great summer!

Waverly Evans- Massage Therapist Houston, TX 


I just have to send my incredibly heartfelt thanks since I'm thinking about it. I'm currently PMSing. and cramping and all the nastiest of the nasty. I put some of the oils(Female Ezzz) on my pulse points and 25 minutes later it has so calmed both my muscles and me that my whole body feels warm and fluid. I love you.

More incredible thank yous- I was able to sleep last night what with the Pain Release. Probably not the most poetic of descriptions, but I'm thanking God for it at the moment.

 Laura- Woodlands, TX


I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated you saving the day. The (fractionated) coconut oil got here Friday. Amazing! Got here so quickly. Used it for the last six days. It's great. I had been used Spectrum's oil for 30 years. Yours has a better feel to me and lighter touch. I can even scent it. I LOVED your catalog when I order my next gallon (of coconut oil) I will order fragrances to scent it. So thank you again. So glad to have met you. Look forward to getting coconut oil(in the future) and whatever else from you...

 Evan- Asheville,NC


I am interested in anything that you have that might alleviate migraine symptoms. I already use and LOVE the Lavender/Chamomile Rub as well as the Brainbooster stuff. BOTH ROCK! The avocado and pecan body glazes I use after showers around here every couple of days. Did I mention that everything you send me rocks??!!!

Sierra- Medford, OR