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Gritman is located in the greater Houston, Texas area and has been since it was founded in December of 1995  by Nagy (Mike) and Meg Shehad.

Meg was a psychotherapist at the time working with essential oils. Milli Austin had come to live with Nagy and Meg so she could finish her book, The Healing Bath. Milli asked Nagy who was an international trader at the time to acquire essential oils for her. The oils came in large quantities. They needed to be put into smaller bottles with droppers. Then a label and Gritman Essential Oils was born. The twenty oils that Milli wanted grew to more than 300 oils that Gritman carries today. Gritman also sells absolutes, macerations and complimentary body care products bringing the number of items closer to 500 products.

Sadly, Nagy Shehad passed away in May of 1998.  Meg has continued the business and in April of 1999, her daughter, Amy came on board.  In May of 1999 Meg met Lou when he taught Soap Making for Gritman. Then in October of 99 Lou moved from Portland Oregon to join Gritman. In the Fall of 2002 the Gritman family expanded to include Aurora. She creates new products, makes jewelry and helps with labeling, bottling, and order fulfilment.Sadly Aurora left us and moved to Orlando, Florida in 2007.

In 2000 Gritman Essential Oils established the Gritman Essential Oil School that offers aromatherapy certification. These classes are taught by Meg. Massage CEU classes are also provided at the Gritman facility and these classes are taught by Jill Horn and Darcey Truehan. Amy provides training in cooking and working with the oils on an intuitive, energetic level. Look to the Classes section for more information.

How did Gritman get its name?
When Meg and Nagy were talking about forming the company, they discussed what they wanted it to stand for. Nagy liked the American ideas of freedom, integrity, and self suffeciency; all the things that make America what it is. Meg immediately thought of John Wayne and the movie "True Grit" that is about as American as one can get. He was Grit-Man, the symbol of America with the values of integrity, pride and traditions.


Meg Shehad, President and Co-Founder

Margaret (Meg)


Meg makes the final decisions in the position of owner, is the financial officer, and a wonderful teacher. Her wise, loving nature, and background in psychology suites her well to teach aromatherapy classes here in the United States and abroad. When she is around, her laughter fills the space and you can't help but be lifted by her joyous spirit. Meg has worked with the oils since the early 90's is the author of the Gritman Guide which is now in its 4th edition. Meg is always willing to lend a hand and answer any questions just by calling the Gritman line. Meg is leading a fascinating life and is truly a treasure here at Gritman.

Meg has authored two books:

  • Gritman Guide to 60 Commonly Used Essential Oils
  • The Gritman Guide to Essential Oils; now in its fourth edition

Additionally, Meg developed the Gritman Classification Code, a methodology for identifying how oils are processed and their level of purity.

Meg conducts seminars throughout Europe and the United States; Offering a wide range of classes from aromatherapy certification to Essential Oil distillation:

  • Aromatherapy Certification Level 1,2,3,and 4
  • Oil Distillation & the Creation of Essential Oils
  • Essential Therapy - Integrating the Intuitive with the Scientific
  • Botanical Families & Healing Signatures in Essential Oils
  • Basic Blending - Creating Your Own Signature Fragrance (Basic Perfumery)
  • Blending Essential Oils for Your Health & Well being
  • Your Own Backyard Pharmacy - Growing Plants that Produce Essential Oils
  • Essential Oils and Massage
  • Essential Oils and Meditation - Becoming the Person You Want to Be
  • Essential Oils - The Mystical Oils
  • Essential Oil Bath Therapy
  • Psychological Well being and Healing Through Essential Oils
  • Weight Loss with Essential Oils
  • Crystal Healing and Essential Oils
  • Cooking With Essential Oils
  • Pet Care with Essential Oils

Lou Vaughn

Lou Gritman IT guy

Lou is our computer, networking, internet technologist, and methods engineer; he does accounting, makes soap, and is our all around fix it guy. He's totaly devoted to Meg's well being and happiness. 


=====================  In Remberence  =======================

Amy Laura Meseberg-Findley

October 10, 1975 - June 19, 2017

Our precious Daughter, friend, and business partner, passed away unexpectedly, June 19, 2017.  We are shocked, deeply greived, and, miss her greatly.  She is survived by Ava her daughter, Craig her husband, Sarah her sister, Meg her mother, Wayne her father, and Lou her step-father.

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