Calamus Root Essential Oil

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Physically Calamus Root Essential Oil stimulates the circulation and used for rheumatism and arthritis. It calms nervous spasmodic conditions. As a stimulant, Calamus Root Oil is especially effective with the nervous system and the brain. Care must be taken in using this oil and a carrier must always be used. Calamus is in the Holy Anointing oil of the Bible.
Common Name: Calamus Root, Sweet Flag, Sweet Sedge, Sweet Root, Sweet Myrtle, Myrtle Grass
Family Name: Araceae
Scientific Name: Acorus calamus, Acorus calamus var. angustatus
Country of Production: India, Russia, Europe, Siberia
Indigenous Country: India, Russia, Europe, Siberia
Country of Production: India, Russia, Europe, Siberia
Chemical Constituents: Class: Ketone. Beta-asarone (carcinogenic high % ), calameme, calamol, calamenene, eugenol.
Plant Description: A reed-like aquatic plant about 3 feet high with sword-shaped leaves and small greenish-yellow flowers. It grows on the margins of lakes and streams with long-branched rhizomes immersed in the mud. The whole plant is aromatic.
Processing Methods: Steam distilled.
Yin Yang: Yin
Color Range: Light yellow.
Applications: Not recommended for aromatherapy, bath with proper supervision, compress, massage.
Emotional: Feeling guilty, shamed, blamed, responsible totally, incompetent, TO self-confident, responsible for self, owning your own stuff.
Mental: I am not the only one responsible for what has happened. I own my part and I am working with it. I leave you to you. I am responsible for me.
Spiritual: Can indicate shame is a major motivation in your life. Shame is a black, tar-like substance that clogs your energy body. It is the most debilitating of emotions. Instead of feeling remorse and learning from the experience, you are caught in the goo of

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