Jojoba Oil

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Jojoba oil has many uses for hair, skin, massage, medical and even culinary applications. As an oil, it resembles human sebum which makes it a great ingredient for hair products that cater to all hair types.
Common Name:
Family Name: Buxaceae Family
Scientific Name: Simmondsai chinensis
Country of Production:
Indigenous Country:
Country of Production:
Chemical Constituents: Wax esters, up to 70% palmitic acid, up to 15% arachidic acid, up to 45% ecosanol, up to 45% docosanol. Jojoba oil is similar to human sebum which is secreted by human sebaceous glands to lubricate and protect skin and hair.
Plant Description: Native to South Western United States growing to 3-18 feet high with small flowers producing no odor and each plant is either male or female living up to 200 years. 17 pounds of seed produces 1 pound of oil.
Processing Methods:
Yin Yang:
Color Range:
Spiritual: Can indicate issues of vulnerability or an inability to endure. One can have difficulty holding on and there may be a desire to give up. Retreating to play another day can be a very good thing and not to be considered as failure. You will survive and live

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