Foraha 4 oz.

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Common Name: Foraha (Fixed Oil), True Kamani, Alexandrian Laurel, Vintanina, Tamanu
Family Name: Guttiferae
Scientific Name: Calophyllum inophyllum
Country of Production: Madagascar, India, Hawaii, Tahiti
Indigenous Country: Madagascar, India, Hawaii, Tahiti
Country of Production: Madagascar, India, Hawaii, Tahiti
Chemical Constituents: lass: Unsaturated Fat. Stigmasterol, balsam, calophyllolide, calophyllic acid.
Plant Description: Kamani trees grow to 60 feet high, with a trunk covered with black, cracked bark producing twisted branches with shiny leaves. The fruit produced is like a yellow apple covering a thick shelled nut with a pale yellow kernel.
Processing Methods: Cold pressed.
Yin Yang: Yin
Color Range: Blackish green.
Applications: Bath, massage and used as carrier oil.
Emotional: Scared, on edge, future fears, anxious, alone, alienated, in emotional or psychic pain, TO calm, assured, nurtured, confident.
Mental: I am one with the Earth and Nature. I am supported by the Earth and I support the Earth. I admire her and give thanks to all that she gives. I am a gardener. I fertilize, I plant, I water, I weed and I love.
Physical: Used for ulcers, wounds, eczema, burns, dermatitis, surgical wounds, hair growth on head, sciatica, rheumatism, slow-walking toddlers, hemorrhoids, neuritis due to leprosy. Used to calm and to heal the skin.
Spiritual: Can indicate a disconnect with Nature or a poor nurturing relationship with your mother, wife, or you could be afraid to be a mother. Foraha can introduce Great Mother, Nature or Earth energy into the energy field and it can greatly soothe and nurture.
Foraha is not an essential oil, but it is used as one so it is included here. Now used to treat the scalp and as a shampoo. The oil lathers well with salt water.