Heliotrope Maceration

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Heliotrope Maceration has a beautiful, delicate floral scent. It extends or blends well with other floral notes. Since it is a maceration it can be used as a carrier for the basic perfume blend. Medicinally Heliotrope Maceration counters depression and acts as a de-stressor.
Common Name: Heliotrope
Family Name:
Scientific Name: Heliotropium peruvians
Country of Production:
Indigenous Country:
Country of Production:
Chemical Constituents: Fractionated Coconut Oil, Essential Oils
Plant Description:
Processing Methods:
Yin Yang:
Color Range:
Applications: This oil is a great extender to your valuable flower oils when used as a carrier. The scent will enhance the other flowers scents. This maceration is great for a carrier for a perfume blend. You can also make lotions, creams, and balms with it. Blend w
Physical: Relieves depression.
Spiritual: Can help you become the center of attention or at least feel you are the center of your loves affection. It allows you to feel loved because you know some one thinks and cares about you. Can indicate that you have wanted and have not gotten the love

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