Gurjum Essential Oil

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Gurjum Essential Oil is primarily used as perfume oil. It has a sweet, woody scent. Gurjum Oil is used to bulk up expensive perfume oils and often used to adulterate essential oils. Now used primarily in the perfume world, but Gurjum does have medicinal properties.
Common Name: Gurjum, East Indian Copaiba, Gurjun Balsam, Gurjun
Family Name: Dipterocarpaceae
Scientific Name: Dipterocarpus turbinatum
Country of Production: Indonesia, Burma, East Indies Indonesia
Indigenous Country: Indonesia, Burma, East Indies Indonesia
Country of Production: Indonesia, Burma, East Indies Indonesia
Chemical Constituents: Class: Sesquiterpene. Up to 90% gurjunene, caryophyllene.
Plant Description: Tree that grows to 8-12 m. tall, deciduous, greylish bark or light gray, deeply fissured. Leaves are simple, alternate, and reddish.
Processing Methods: Steam distilled from the oleoresin.
Yin Yang: Yang
Color Range: Honey.
Applications: Bath, diffuser, massage, perfume, steam inhalation.
Emotional: Scared, in denial, hiding, angry when exposed, paranoid, rigid, strict, perfectionist, disappointed in life and other people TO flexible, accommodating to others' wishes, able to deal with the worst of society without it affecting you badly, etc.
Mental: I want to see and hear the truth. Terrible things have happened to me and I can resolve this pain and I can deal with it. My pain can be healed easily and effortlessly.
Spiritual: Can indicate that your are hiding or in some form of denial. Someone or something could be trying to destroy you. There is a viciousness to the attacks against you and it is very hard for you to understand.

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