Spikenard Essential Oil

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Spikenard Essential Oil is highly regarded in India as a perfume, medicinal herb, and skin tonic. In ancient times, it was the one of the most precious oils used only by priests, kings, or high initiates. References in the New Testament describe how Mary of Bethany used Spikenard to anoint the feet of Jesus. Be aware some oils on the market are a reconstituted Patchouli.  

Common Name: Spikenard, Nard, Jatamansi
Family Name: Valerianaceae
Scientific Name: Nardostachys jatamansi
Country of Production: India
Indigenous Country: India
Country of Production: India
Chemical Constituents: Class: Sesquiterpene/Ketone. Cafarene, aristolene, jatamonsone, valcranone.
Plant Description: A herb growing to 2ft high producing two main rhizomes one producing pink bell-shaped flowers and the other rhizome acting as a vegetative root.
Processing Methods: Steam distilled.
Yin Yang: Yin
Color Range: Blue to green
Applications: Bath, compress, inhaler, massage, mist spray, perfume.
Emotional: Confused, needing to be right, defensive, always on the go - no time to stop, out of balance TO calm, rested, spiritually centered, deep inner peace, balanced between spiritual life and worldly life, able to share what you have materially and physically.
Mental: I may know what is right for me, but that may not be right for you. I direct and lead my own life secure that you are doing the same. I cannot be a teacher without also being a student. I am willing to give of myself, but I cannot give what I do not have.
Physical: Used for allergies, rashes, psoriasis, skin inflammation, wound healing, rejuvenate skin, hemorrhoids, constipation, insomnia. Used to calm, relax, reduce stress, promote sleep, uplift moods, regulate male hormonal system, inspire devotion, etc.
Spiritual: Can indicate that you have come to a special time in your life where you are re-examining your goals, motives, accomplishments, and relationships. You no longer have time to waste on things that do not pertain to your mission here.

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