Lemon Pressed Oil

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Lemon Oil can be used in skin care products especially with oily skin or acne. Do not wear in the sun as it can cause burning. In a bath, it can revive and relax, and it allows you to feel better about yourself.
Common Name: Lemon, Green Lemon, Cedro Oil
Family Name: Rutaceae (Rue)
Scientific Name: Citrus limon, C. limonum
Country of Production: USA, Italy, Sicily, Cyprus, South America
Indigenous Country: USA, Italy, Sicily, Cyprus, South America
Country of Production: USA, Italy, Sicily, Cyprus, South America
Chemical Constituents: Class: Monoterpene. Limonene up to 70%, terpinene, pinene, sabinene, myrecene, citral, linalool.
Plant Description: A small evergreen tree growing up to 20 feet high with serrated oval leaves, stiff thorns and very fragrant white flowers producing green fruits that turn yellow when ripe.
Processing Methods: Cold pressing.
Yin Yang: Yang
Color Range: Green - yellow.
Applications: Aroma lamp, bath (may need fixed oil), cleanser - household, diffusor, inhaler, light bulb ring, massage, mist spray.
Emotional: Unwilling to feel, numb, worried, in unbearable pain, alcoholic or partner or lover is alcoholic TO able to feel your feelings, pain is bearable and can be processed easily, feel strong.
Mental: I can feel my pain and work through it. I like to feel. I can feel good and bad and all the feelings in between.
Physical: Used to cool, purify, calm, relax, reduce stress, promote sleep, uplift moods, refresh, revive, improve mental clarity and alertness, improve memory, disinfect, soothe insect bites. Will reduce blood viscosity and help to break up plague deposits so use to reduce cholesterol.
Spiritual: Can indicate that you are holding pain within your energy field. There could be addictive patterning especially alcoholic tendencies that have been inherited and need to be cleared and healed so that you can become a more spiritual being.

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