Juniper Essential Oil (Berry) Organic

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Juniper Essential Oil can help calm the nerves, relieve anxiety, nervous tension and mental exhaustion. It is also helpful for cellulite and fluid retention. It is used to increase urination and counter kidney infections, but care must be taken that the kidneys are in good working order or Juniper can become a toxic substance.
Common Name: Juniper Berry
Family Name: Cupressaceae (Cypress)
Scientific Name: Juniperus communis
Country of Production: Bulgaria, Spain, Austria, Germany, Canada
Indigenous Country: Bulgaria, Spain, Austria, Germany, Canada
Country of Production: Bulgaria, Spain, Austria, Germany, Canada
Chemical Constituents: Class: Monoterpene. Pinene, myrcene, sabinene, limonene, cymene, terpinene, thujene, and camphor.
Plant Description: An evergreen tree or bush growing to 20 feet high with silvery--green needles producing small white flowers and green berries that change to blue in three years like black currants. There are male and female bushes each producing different color cones. So
Processing Methods: Steam distilled.
Yin Yang: Yang
Color Range: Clear to light yellow.
Applications: Aroma lamp, bath (with proper fixed oil), diffusor, inhaler, light bulb ring, lotion, massage, mist spray.
Emotional: Shy, withdrawn, cut off, afraid of conflict, unable to risk, intimidated, long-suffering, tired TO decisive, empowered, energized, refreshed.
Mental: I am up to meeting the task before me. I enthusiastically meet each day. I know what I want and I am able to get it.
Physical: Used to purify, reduce cellulite, cleanse the intestines and the tissues of the body, relax, reduce stress, uplift moods, refresh, revive, improve mental clarity and memory, lessen pain, lessen swellings, lessen fluid retention and menstrual pain.
Spiritual: Can indicate you have reached a place in your life where you are beginning again. You may want to reassess what you want and what you want to do and leave old baggage behind you.

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