Dill Seed Essential Oil

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Dill Seed Essential oil is good for digestion, diarrhea, menstrual and respiratory disorders and oral care. Dill Oil has been use in culinary and in medicines for ages. Dill has a tangy strong scent associated with pickles. Especially good for those that are overwhelmed and working very hard.
Common Name: Dill Seed
Family Name: Apiaceae (Umbrella, Carrot)
Scientific Name: Anethum graveolens, Peucedanum graveolens, Fractus anethi
Country of Production: Egypt
Indigenous Country: Egypt
Country of Production: Egypt
Chemical Constituents: Class: Ketone. Carvone up to 60%, limonene, pinene.
Plant Description: An annual herb growing to 3 feet high with a smooth stem, feathery leaves and umbrels of yellowish flowers producing flat seeds.
Processing Methods: Steam distilled
Yin Yang: Yang
Color Range: Clear to yellow.
Applications: Aroma lamp, bath, diffusor, food, inhaler, light bulb ring, liquid candle, massage, mist spray, perfumes.
Emotional: Feeling limited, downhearted, sad, working hard, not enjoying your work, pushing yourself or feeling pushed TO expansive, may still be a lot to do, but enjoy the doing; happy.
Mental: I enjoy my work. Whatever I do brings me happiness.
Spiritual: Can indicate that you have lost your sense of having fun. You are working hard and not enjoying it. Dill lightens you or brings more light into your energy field so that you can enjoy what you are doing more.

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