Balsam, Copaiba Essential Oil

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Native South Americans have used this oil for thousands of years to treat inflammation and skin issues. In aromatherapy, Copaiba Balsam Essential Oil is used to treat arthritis, backaches, cancer, Crohn's Disease, digestive discomfort, fever, fibromyalgia, headaches, immune system, lower back pain, neck pain and stiffness, sciatica, skin issues and stomach ulcers. Emotionally Copaiba Balsam is used to relieve fear, worry, and anxiety. It brings an inner peace.
Common Name: Copaiba Balsam, Capaiba, Copahu Balsam, Jesuit's Balsam, Copal
Family Name: Fabaceae (Leguminosae, Pea)
Scientific Name: Copaifera officinalis
Country of Production: Brazil, Guyana, Venezuela
Indigenous Country: Brazil, Guyana, Venezuela
Country of Production: Brazil, Guyana, Venezuela
Chemical Constituents: Class: Sesquiterpenes. Up to 50% caryophyllene, bergamotene, acidic agathic acid.
Plant Description: A wild tropical tree growing up to 60 feet with thick foliage and small yellow flowers producing fruits that turn from brown to red.
Processing Methods: Dry distilled.
Yin Yang: Yin
Color Range: Pale yellow - greenish.
Applications: Bath, diffuser, inhaler, massage, mist spray, steam inhalation.
Emotional: Worried and can't seem to stop thinking about fears or things that could go wrong. TO calm, feeling fully present in body, confident about the future.
Mental: I am at peace with myself and my world. My mind is clear and alert. I focus on nothing and my world is at peace.
Spiritual: Can indicate that there is damage to the energy field from excessive worry and fear. Copaiba heals damage caused by fear, anxiety and negative thoughts. Set up a sacred space before using as you may need assistance in clearing some of the negative energy.

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