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Angea is in the mist of destruction and chaos. American infrastructure is failing. The president is being impeached. There is so much dissonance and hatred. Hong Kong is protesting in the streets. Allies are being betrayed. Some of the rich and powerful are into child and human trafficking. Thousands of children have disappeared along our borders. 

What are we to do with all of this? The answer might surprise you. Nothing. We are called to witness or watch and go about our lives. That does not sound very American! Shouldn't we fight against the evil as we see it? No, as this only perpetuates the very thing that you do not approve or like. Remember that your vote is where you put your time and money. Do not support the world that you do not like. Get on with being you and being true to your values. Live the life that you want.

My friends know that I enjoy Korean drama. Our situation reminds me of scenes in Kdramas. The rice farmers are busy with their rice fields and they do not care who is in the palace. Rice growing does not depend on the king but on the farmers' efforts. If the farmers do not do their job, the people starve. Do not let your families starve because you are distracted by all the horrible world events. Do not allow it to upset your mood. Live your life true to your dreams and values. Be the best person you know how to be. Be happy and secure in that you create your reality. Together we create Angea.

Our job is to witness the destruction not be part of the destruction. Angea will survive to hold your aspirations and we all need to hold onto our values. This is not consensus but a field of difference united in our right to be who we desire within our values, ideals, and morality. For Mother it is allow, allow, allow.

Oils to help:

Anise Seed - allows you to see the good and the bad without it interfering in your life. Pain may be present but it does not stop you from living a full life.

Helichrysum - allows you to love others as you love yourself. You are able to accept yourself and others for what they are and not for what you wish they were.

Frankincense - allows you to center and find the power within to be and do who you are.


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