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I have been getting the message that I need to do a love blend and an abundance blend. At first I thought I was to make two blends, but no. It is the message that abundance is another form of love.

With the Ukrainian War, there is a deep scent of death, smoke, rotting flesh, dust of destruction, and body odor, creating a sickening stench.

So much loss.

So much of our money is lost to inflation in these fluctuating times. There is an over all feeling of powerlessness. We can give money and sanction, but nothing is changing. It is only getting worse. Our money buys less and less as we go down the rabbit hole.

The Grammy went to John Baptiste as he preformed Freedom, and his We Are won best album. We want to get the good news that together we can beat anything. The world is a good place to live and people are basically good.

The earth is an abundant place. She loves us. She wants to give to us.

Yet Global Warming is happening, while Louisiana and Florida are sinking into the water. the West is burning, and our glaciers are melting.

With so many conflicting messages. What's to believe? Where do we go? How do we act? 

It's all true. The positive and negative coexist as one.

The earth is still there abundantly creating for you as the forests burn, the ice caps melt, and the land sinks. The war is waging while your life continues, good some days and bad others.

So just what do you want? As you look at your life, what do you want for it and your family?

Do not concern yourself about what else is going on in the world. Here and now, what do you want for the Earth - Angea? Things can be going badly in Ukraine but your life can be going very well. You can wish for both.

Write what you want for yourself and the planet on a piece of paper. See it in your mind's eye as happening. Now read what you have written out loud. Fold the paper and put it away. It is tIme to use the oils.

Use this blend, Wishing Abundance, to put umph behind your wishes. We wish for ourselves and family. We wish for our Earth/Angea.

This blend can also be worn as perfume and is ideal for bath work, massage, or diffusion.

Oils used in this blend:

Yarrow - Speaks to the alienation from self and world. What we do is judge the situation and our self as good or bad. We want to just be and allow. There will always be negative and positive forces at work. Yarrow wants us to recognize the love we have for ourselves and our world. We may all have different ideas of what that looks like but love, acceptance, and surrendering to ourselves and our world is what is needed. If you resist, you will only cause yourself pain. It is time to let go and allow no matter how awful you may think it is. Just let it be and allow it to be. Resistance has its place but for now it is about surrendering to yourself and your world and allowing it to work.

Blue Chamomile - Speaks to calming the nervous system especially when we put so much stress on our lives to get that better job, to do better and be better, and just wanting to survive in a good way. Again the message of calm yourself and surrender to yourself and your world. Things will work out well for you even if it looks badly at first. Just relax and allow.

Lemon Pettigrain - Speaks to the pain we feel when the world or those around you cause you pain. The immediate reaction is to withdraw and close off, but what is needed is to stay vulnerable and open to that which seems to be causing you pain. It is time to answer the question: Why do people who say they love me, cause me pain.? Why is so much pain happening in the world?

Frankincense - Speaks to the journey of power when you must let go of those that have hurt you or caused you pain. If you wake in the morning angry at your world or people, you are diminished and unable to create an abundant life. Let go of that which has hurt you and find a way to forgive. Without forgiveness, you cannot find your place in world or the energy to create what you want. Know you have the power to be and to have whatever you want.


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  • Neutrality…..it’s the resting place to all we journey through and to. The centering of the pendulum. The blend sounds beautiful, can’t wait to receive the gift of it. And learning of it on today’s date has a personal significance. Thank you Meg.

    Sat Prem on

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