Why are We Living in Such Extreme TImes?

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Angea, New Earth, has become part of the ascension movement. For many this means that Earth will be crumbling beneath us and all the bad, unloving people will be going with it. Those that can raise their frequencies will be able to escape this destruction into the New Earth. It kind of sounds like a new planet is going to come along side the Earth and some are going to jump on, although I think they are implying that if they love enough and are good enough, they will raise their frequencies and move right out of all this mess.

I do think the earth is changing and we probably will not recognize it in a few years. Right now we are in a major world war.  The world has come together to help Ukraine. This is so much better than how World War II was fought. It looks like World War II in Ukraine but for the rest of us it is different. We are going to experience this more and more. This is the same old thing, but it is different. There is change.

There are two main thought forms that will need to be confronted.

  • The first is the idea of good and evil and how it relates to punishment. The world needs to let go of the idea that we need punishing when something goes wrong. We need to identify the problem and fix it and not waste our time giving out punishment. 
  • The other is about being responsible without punishment. For fear of punishment, we will not take responsibility. When we have done something wrong, we look to others to blame. It starts as children. We are told not to lie but if we don't, we will get punished. Most kids learn to lie to avoid punishment. 
  • Relating to people as good or bad is usually a bad idea. If you make it about point of view, then you get everyone has a right to it. If you make it about your are bad for what you think, they can become evil. Then you must fight them to the death to uphold the truth, the light, and the way. If you are able to reframe a person as having a different point of view than yours but you can work with them, you can work with it.

Now we are being told that humans have ruined the earth and it is doomed? There is no hope for this horrible world. There are a few with high enough energy fields that can rise above this and ascend into the new earth. If you raise your energy field, you will be able to go too, or be doomed to destruction on this terrible earth. Sounds to me like humans have been bad and they are going to get punished.

For me, this earth is changing and transforming into a different place. We have problems, lots of problems, to solve and we will. The Earth is not ruined. Angea will move forward working the problems. Clearing the need to punish and allowing people to make mistakes and do things that turn out wrong. We can all learn from these things and we will get better. There is good news for our children and grandchildren. 

 So I'll stay with Angea. I look forward to the future. and working out these problems. There is no time to make things good and bad. Everyone has a right to their way of seeing things and their history. Let's not waste time on punishing people who do not agree with us. Let's work it out. No need to leave the planet. The Earth/Angea is transforming just as we are.

Oils that are helpful:

Bay heals abuse. It is abuse that you feel responsible for. It is your fault that you have been abused. You were not quick enough, right enough, good enough, polite enough or whatever. This gets cleared away and you can feel whole again. It was never your fault and you can forgive and let it all go in time.

Calamus is about healing shame. Shame is one of the most worthless emotions on the planet. It controls and manipulates you so that you cannot live out your life. Once you are free shame, you will be free to live your life.

Juniper allows you to take responsibility for your life without fear of punishment. It clears away all the old stuff associated with  punishments in the past. 

Frankincense allows you to take control of your life and feel powerful. You can be responsible for yourself without fear.

Onion clears betrayal from sacred trust. This is a relationship between adults and children that was abused. This is a relationship from mentor to student that is abused. It is having to perform against your will because your job or life depends on it. Onion will clear the shame and allow you to move on with your life. 

Cumin clears physical abuse. Violence by someone you love has been directed towards you. It can be in the form of punishment or being told you will be better for this. That is a lie and you will find within yourself how to stand up to this. It is possible to stay in a relationship that was once violent and live in power.

Wormwood is primarily for those that choose to clear the Earth from its shame, abuse, and punishment that it holds. Once you have cleared yourself, you can begin to heal others and especially the Earth/Angea.







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