What Does It Mean To Be Human?

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We call ourselves human beings. What does that really mean? Humans can rape, pillage, and plunder. Humans are capable of the most heinous acts. Then a Harvey happens and everyone comes together to help each other. Humans can put their lives on the line for someone they do not know like the Thai Soccer Team. We all over the planet wanted to help those boys. Humans are that wonderful.

I truly believe that humans are kind, compassionate, helpful, and loving. The hallmark of being human is being part of family. You do not have to have children to have family. We all have a mother and father so we have our family of origin, but besides that we tend to see ourselves within family. Work associates can become our family. School friends can follow us all our lives and be more family than family. We like creating family and we like being part of family. We live on a planet that we call Mom.

Being part of a family called Earth/Angea means that humans find it hard to kill another human. If a soldier sees the enemy as someone like themselves, they will not be able to kill them. In other words if the soldier sees the other soldier's humanity, they can't kill. If they put down their guns, they are cowards. If they run away, they are called traitors. Soldiers can find themselves killing because of this and are left with unresolved inner conflicts. This in turn can lead to tortured lives including PTSD.  

War is not in our nature.  We are peace loving members of family. It is not in our nature to kill one another. Most soldiers have to be indoctrinated to see the enemy as not human, who would hurt their family, their country. The truth is that the enemy soldier also needs to be indoctrinated. You must be programmed to kill. Watching violent videos is a form of indoctrination. This kind of violence is not native to humans. Humanity truly would prefer to make love and not war.

Humans are the stewards of the earth. They are here to have good lives, create families, care for the earth as their mother, and delight in all the abundance that is on the earth. The earth is a living library full of all the wonderful things that can be found within our galaxy. There are only a few planets like earth. We are special as our planet is special. Our bodies come from the earth while our spirit is eternal. Our bodies belong to the Earth. We are heaven and earth. 

This planet truly is not about killing, suffering, plundering, or raping. These experiences are here to control us and stop us from connecting to our humanity. Something terrible has happened to us and continues to happen to us. We are killing students and teachers in our schools, we are separating children from their parents and not returning them, we are allowing people to go hungry, we are allowing people to die, and we do not know what to do about it. We may complain and may even try to stop the bad things from happening, yet It continues. 

Should we keep our heads down and pretend to not see? Do we believe we can't do anything anyway? That it does not really effect me?  But it does effect your soul. Why are suicides up while we make America great again?

This is not what our planet is about and it is not what humans are about. How do we get our humanity back? How do we get our planet back?  Within Angea, we have an opportunity to return to the original values of the Earth. As we reclaim our soul, we reclaim our Earth. What this Angea will represent will be as varied as the Earth itself. Each one of us has a precious vision of who we are and what kind of Earth we wish to live upon.

What is stopping us from becoming full humans. First of all our very human electromagnetic field has been manipulated. We are full spectrum individuals as Tobias Lars suggests. This means that when the electrical and magnetic system of the human anatomy is fulling functioning, it looks like a rainbow of colors. For most humans only the red, yellow and orange colors are turned on. We are manipulated and controlled through this dysfunction.

As we follow our vision, many of you may find yourself frightened as you make the changes to become part of Angea.  It may look like you are jumping off the deep end. Leaving a high paying job for a lower paying one, leads to, can I pay my bills? Simplifying and making changes to your life style, is creating more stress, which can be unsettling. Keeping your eyes on your vision/dream while moving toward will be your guide. Those you love may not understand and this may cause conflict. Is it worth it? You know that it is. Hold in there. Things will stabilize soon. The world appears weirder and weirder as you become more stable in your vision of who and what you are.  You are allowing yourself and the earth to come back to its original intent. 

We will live on a Earth that is peaceful. This does not mean there is no conflict. It means that we do not go to war and we do not kill. It makes no sense to kill our human bothers and sisters. We are family. We will work out our differences with respect for each other. Let's start to clear and heal the residual trauma and manipulated energy body. 

Trauma oils - . The list is long and not complete as there are more. You will have to intuit the ones for you or call us and we will help.

Bay,  Cajeput, All Cedarwoods, Cinnamon, Cumin Seed, Cypress, Jasmine, Juniper, Laurel Leaf, Neroli, Parsley, Rose, Spruce, Tea Tree, Vetiver 

Healing from Control and Manipulaton: Naiouli, Turmeric, Radriaka (Lantana), Cumin Seed, Rue, Ho

Many of these oils are hot and cannot be used without a carrier. Be safe and use a fixed oil with these essential oils. 

Pregnant women should not use these oils at all. Sexual healing while pregnant is not considered safe. 

Garlic and Onion may be needed for complete healing but should not be used without supervision.





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