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NO, I don't want to. Have you seen what is happening out there? Mothers are being separated from their babies. Who knows what the truth is. Confusion is every where. When is a lie a lie and when is a lie the truth? What is going on? The air is being polluted, the water is being poisoned, the oceans are being contaminated, our food is being genetically altered, animals are going extinct, and I fear that humanity is on its way out too. Just wake me when its over. 

It appears we are in the mist of a major collapse. Many of us are going to get sick, become drones, lose our minds, or wake up. Come on, Meg, aren't you overreacting? Well maybe, but personally I want to be as conscious as I can be. I want to rise above the confusion that is making it hard to react in appropriate ways. I do not want to be emotionally aroused and whipped up to do something crazy. I want to be conscious and aware of it all. I want to know exactly how bad it is and if it is better than I think, well, then that is good. I want to be awake, conscious, and responsible for my life. I want to be empowered to be me and do what I need to do.

Waking up is being empowered because only thru consciously becoming aware of the good and the bad will we make it through this. Are any of you noticing that as you attempt to move forward something seems to get in your way? There is a struggle over what will happen to this earth and to us. There is an agenda out there that wants to stop us from becoming conscious, aware, responsible and empowered. They want you to be in a state of fear, confusion, and anxiety.

When this happens ask for clarity and guidance. There are benign guides out there that want to help Earth become Angea or conscious. Ask for their assistance. Breath through your nostrils to the bottom of your lungs. Breath out slowly and allow all the air to leave your lungs. This will take longer than breathing in. Charge up your energy field. Lite up your chakras - red, yellow, orange creating a golden energy field. See your energy field as a golden egg. Now focus on the heart - green and move into blue, dark blue or violet, and blue purple. All these colors create white light. You shine with a golden white light with blue/green overtones. You may want to add some pink too. 

Strengthen your field with this white light. If there seems to be any damage or dark light within your field, use any of the cedarwoods or eucalyptuses to help heal and strengthen the field. You may need other essential oils so use your intuition and figure out which ones those are. Use them by smelling, taking a bath, getting a massage, setting up a diffuser, wearing as a perfume, or any way that you feel is appropriate. 

Examine what scares you. Your power ends where your fear begins. Do you fear what is real or what you think is real? When you feel gripped with fear, separate your jaw and relax your tongue. Just let it hang out. This allows your brain waves to move into Alpha and then Theta. It is a dream like state. Here you are calm and can know if the fear is real or not. If it is not then tell yourself that all will be fine and stabilize. If the fear is real, then lock your jaw and tell your body that you need an adrenal download so you have the energy to flee or do what you need.

There may be long held cherished thought forms that you will have to discard. For many these beliefs have been a way to manipulate you. At first it will be embarrassing to see how you have been used and controlled. How could I believe that and how could I have done that. There may be some humiliation but all this will allow you to become empowered and humble. This is a process to be encouraged. The old will attempt to scare, intimidate, manipulate, and confuse you. Don't let it.

Eat as well as you can with organic foods and water that has been meditated over. Live as close to nature as you can, and practice heart and mind exercises. The mind without the heart is powerless. Together you can create your reality and navigate as you need.

There will be those around you that choose not to waken. They will fall into bad health, confusion, addictions, paranoia, mental instability, pain, and suffering. This can be very difficult to see but witness it you will, and help you can not. We all have a right to live out our lives as we want. No one has to wake up. We all have a right to our choices. Your challenge will be to not let those that choose not to wake up interfere with your life choices.

You can clearly navigate your way through this. You can live long and well with an active and healthy body. As you age you become wise and beautiful with each year creating a better you than the year before. You can be vibrant and full of joy. This life time can be a defining moment for you. Wake up.

Here is a blend to help


Sage - clears blocked emotions and especially good with the sacral chakra and as it grounds it leads to being abundant and happy within the world

Litsea Cubeba - this is the premier oil for creating intimacy with life. It allows you to open to the world and all that is in it. As it opens the heart, it clears whatever is in its way. Life becomes more joyful, child-like, kand joyful.

Wormwood - it is time to feel your pain and as you feel it, you will clear it. Angea needs your help to clear the pain and suffering that is holding onto her from Gaia. As you stabilize, you will become a greater help to Angea. If you find yourself getting tired  rest. This is a major energetic happening.

Cajeput - this is the premier oil for clearing karmic sexual abuse. It is time to release it all. Again Angea is needing your assistance in working with your soul. This is a very important moment in your soul development and patterns of sexual abuse in your soul need to be released so that your true sense of fun and sexual creativity can come forward. "Like a virgin for the very first time."

Davana - Allows you to break through the boundaries you set for yourself and claim your power. It will focus on the sacral as sage did but here you are opening to more fun and pleasure in life as you become more to do more.

Helichrysum with Helichrysum Maceration - This is an oil of mastery. It helps you open your higher heart as you do this your relationship of your lower emotions like jealousy, hatred, envy, anger changes as you feel and experience them in a new way. They no longer have control over you and you can experience them with a light heart. Wisdom is present and you can more easily see the right course of action. This allows your higher and lower chakras to balance and to work together as you become a full spectrum human.



  • Meg, Love this message and especially the part about the Jaw. I am a clencher; had no idea it downloaded adrenaline. No wonder my adrenals are so wasted so much of the time. Be Well, Major Huggs!

    Victoria on

  • Dear Friend, thank you so much for this timely message. We are all the better for it. In Unity, we stand.

    Spiritual Aromatherapy Jamie Crow on

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