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Many of you are questioning vaccines. I have questioned vaccines. My youngest daughter at 18 months was given her round of vaccines. She was a well baby up until this time. After the vaccine, she developed a high fever. I called the doctor concerned that she was having a reaction to the vaccine and his response was that was impossible. Children do not have adverse reactions to vaccines. He was sure that she had Roseola and would break out into spots. I did not know about essential oils and how to use them back then. I could have helped her, but we went through 4 brutal days of fever, without spots, and the doctor was unresponsive, as he viewed me as hysterical. My daughter's personality changed after that and she was never quit right. She struggles to this day. My oldest daughter was fine and had no reactions.

I truly believe that vaccines are effective and they work. I have not questioned that. What I have questioned is there seems to be a link with some children and vaccination. Many of us have asked repeatedly that the medical community look into this. Too many mothers are reporting too many side-effects after some children take the vaccines. We are not listened to and are told that we are stupid, ill informed, dangerous, and baby killers. All we have wanted is a way to identify the at risk children so they can be handled differently and safely. But we are ignored. It is as if we question the safety of vaccines that we will lose confidence in vaccines. The medical community has taken an extreme position while mothers just want to protect their children and refuse to use vaccines. Then there is all kinds of chatter as to what is being put into vaccines these days besides the agents to vaccinate which complicates the issue more. 

This puts us in a difficult place with the new COVID vaccine. Since our questions have gone unanswered and we have been treated so horribly, it is difficult to trust the medical community. Personally I feel the COVID vaccine is safe at the present moment. It is totally different from the vaccines in question. This DNA messenger technology seems revolutionary to me and may solve the issues with present vaccines. Lou, my partner who is high risk, is going to take it. I am not sure about myself. I wish we lived in a world where I felt supported by the medical community. 

All I can say to you is trust your instincts. If it feels bad to take the vaccine, do not take it. If you have informed yourself on the new technology but still feel fearful, wait and see how it goes. If you feel better after waiting, then take it. Then there is this piece of information. Most COVID strains go dormant in two years and the vaccine can be seen as a foolhardy and expensive effort that was never needed. Of course the medical community can offer no reassurance of any of this and cannot even offer that the vaccine will have long term effectiveness. This is new technology. We are learning as go.

To move through a world that has confusing and conflicting information, it is important to have a strong internal guidance system that is sometimes referred to as our intuition, our gut feeling, or our I just know that I know. There are oils that strengthen this system. Tangerine, Yang Ylang, Celery Leaves, Parsley Seed, Red Mandarin, Spikenard, Lemon Thyme, and Black Spruce. Trust in your own internal guidance to get you where you need to go. To strengthen your intuition use in meditation, baths, massage, and diffusion.


  • It is difficult in this country to have a calm, rational discussion about vaccines. We devolve quickly into name calling others as either hysterical conspiracy theorists on one end to money grubbers captured by Big Pharma on the other end. Rational concerns are then dismissed without examination. There may be merits to denigrating those extremes, but that leaves a huge middle ground ignored.

    Johnna Freuler on

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