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I am having a hard time watching families being separated from each other. I am also having a hard time seeing humanitarian zones being shelled or bombed. Then I have a hard time with friends that are still believing in lies and wanting to support the bad guys. It sounds like I might be having a hard time getting out of bed? Thank goodness for the garden.

I spent the whole weekend in the garden. It was glorious. There is a marvelous energy there. I was having the best time. Everything was just coming out of the cold weather. Hyacinths, daffodils, calendulas and azaleas are blooming. It is beautiful. I sat with the garden to find some comfort from the world.

Nature was surprised that I was so down. Do you not see the bright light that is emerging? Do you not see that a whole part of Angea is being liberated? Do you mean Ukraine I asked? No, Russia of course will soon be the brightest light on the planet. When you have been suppressed as long as they have, the light that will be liberated is enormous. They will  cherish their new found freedom in ways that you do not. Your freedom is taken for granted. You assume it is your right. 

I realized that the garden was holding me in the same way that I was holding my friends who believed in the lies. I was also getting caught in a less than picture and not seeing the grander picture. The garden also gets frustrated with me. I can get caught up in the death and separation of love ones. Nature seldom sees death as a bad thing or sad thing. It is the continuation of life.

There is comfort in holding onto the greater picture and not allowing yourself to be swallowed by the sorrows of death and destruction. Destruction must come before rebirth or new beginnings. This is not to take away from the suffering that is being experienced by many many people. It is our job to hold the bigger picture as we help those that are personally going through the liberation.

There are oils that help with the pain of separation, with the trauma of losing loved ones in death and war, the pain of seeing others die and the carnage of war, :

Abandoment issues are helped by niaouli, rose absolute, and parsley

Betrayal issues are helped by palmarosa, parsely leaves and seeds, and onion and garlic which must be used very carefully.

Maintaining Boundaries is helped by sweet birch, thuja cedar leaf, celery seed, davana, geranium, mugwort, and summer savory

Exhaustion and Fatigue is helped with exotic basil, atlas cedarwood, clove bud, cornmint, eucalyptus 80/85, fir needle, lavender, sage, petitgrain mandarin

Finding your power is supported by Texas cedarwood, frankincense

Spiritual Awakening is supported by helichrysum, lime, mugwort, nutmeg, pine, spearmint, spikenard, blue tansy, and vetiver

Trauma of all kinds can be healed with the hep of star anise, cajeput, thuja cedar leaf, atlas cedarwood, sweet majoram, petitgrain, pine, tangerine, wormwood, yarrow, and garlic and onion with special care.

How to use the oils. Of course you know that I love bath therapy, but you need a tub and a tub that can withstand the oils. Fiberglass will not as the plastic coating will melt away and discolor the fiberglass. Porcelain or steel tubs are the best. 

Massage is also a good way to incorporate the oils and so many of our massge therapists struggled these last two years. Getting back with your massage therapist would be a good thing.

Diffusion is always a good. It fills your space and you with the energy needed.

Personally wearing the oils as perfume is another way to use the oils. This way you become a human diffusor and everyone that comes in contact with you will also benefit. 

Of course you can let your intuition lead in the use the oils. Trusting in yourself is always a good thing.



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