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This Tea Tree grows in our garden. They can not take severe cold weather that we had last year but thankfully we had one potted in the greenhouse. Tea Tree as an essential oil is essential to me. It is used for so many things and one of our best sellers until a few years ago. Mothers became concerned that tea tree would disrupt their boy's endocrine system and they would become little girls. When this first came to my attention, I was amused and thought how silly and wondered who was spreading this information. Actually there was a report from a doctor that he suspected tea tree and lavender of creating breast growth and other developmental issues. 

These concerns were taken seriously and a new study by Hawkins from the Franklin Health Research Center here in the USA looked at this important issue. The results of the study looking at over 500 boys from 2-15 years old found that tea tree and lavender do not disrupt the endocrine system. Tea Tree and Lavender do not cause pre-pubertal gynecomastia and other hormonal disorders in children. Before this research there had been some studies that thought there might be a link. With this new research even those doubts have been eased.

I cannot imagine living without tea tree. It is gentle for the skin. My granddaughter started having pimples. I added a bottle of tea tree to a large bottle of witch hazel and the pimples disappeared. It is also a gentle anti-fugal and can be used when the air seems stale or your nails have a fungal infection. If there is a major mold/fungus outbreak, oregano needs to be added because tea tree is mild and may not be enough. Oregano is hot and can can burn but tolerated more if tea tree is used to buffer the hot oil. I sometimes get a sore throat in the morning especially because I can breathe through my mouth. A drop on the back of my throat takes care of it. I know you are not suppose to ingest oils but tea tree is made of terpenes and alcohols that are easy for the body to breakdown and relatively safe.

We have fire ants. Once you are bitten, it tends to become inflamed with pus. Jeanne Rose told me that tea tree was an anti-pus oil. I wasn't sure about the label but sure enough if you use tea tree, pus will not happen and the inflammation is also diminished. Healing happens quickly and no infection. We also have lots of mosquitoes here and once you are bitten, they can swell and itch. Tea tree stops the itching because it is a mild analgesic and the swelling goes down. Want to disinfect a cut or wound, tea tree is ideal. Tea Tree is also used to wash dogs and keep them smelling nice and sweet. It can also control fleas, but if the outbreak is serious you will need pennyroyal to back up the tea tree. I am sure that you have your favorite uses too. Tea Tree is so versatile.

If you would like a copy of the noted research, email me at meg@gritman.com and I will send it to you.



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  • excellant blog—I have something I can give to my clients with this info on 2 pages.

    Thanks, Meg

    darcy on

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