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Suffering is necessary since we live in 3D or duality. To have, contentment, joy, and all those wonderful experiences, it seems that suffering, pain, and anguish are their necessary Yin/Yang counterpart and partners. The secret of life is to live within balance so that as one experiences happiness, one is also aware that suffering is right there. As you suffer, know that joy is there too.

Not allowing suffering to ruin your joyful moment is another secret of life. At the same time when you are suffering or feeling bad, look for the happiness, as it is always there. Suffering does not ruin, but balances it. There is no such thing as total happiness or total suffering. There is always something that is there and, yes, the joy can be very small, but it will grow and the suffering will diminish. This is the message of duality in 3D. 

As we create Angea, we are not concerned with eliminating evil, pain, suffering as we know they are necessary in creating life in 3D. In Angea, we strive for balance and know that within all pain there is feel good or even ecstasy depending on the depth of the pain. Suffering is a part and will remain a part of the Earth experience but within balance. Today there is far too much suffering and not enough joy and happiness. We are out of balance.

If you are suffering, look for the joy, the happiness, and even the ecstasy. It is there. As you focus on the happiness that you find, be grateful for it. Give your thanksgiving and let the natural world know that you want more of this. The Natural World is here for you. Just being in nature will help balance, Get outside more and make your connections with the mosquitoes, snakes, ticks, bugs, knowing that there are  butterflies, birds, flowers, and all the elementals to connect with too. This is life. The good comes with bad and the bad comes with the good.

This does not mean that you are powerless to take care of yourself. Take your lemon eucalyptus for repelling the mosquitoes, camphor to repel the ticks, cedarwood to repel the snakes and spray away. You will not kill but you will repel. Have a good time connecting and see that as you come into your own balance that you will not need as much repellent and then sometimes you will need to add a little garlic as the natural world seems to want to eat you up. The natural world also has its positives and negatives too. Just like you do.

Angea is not a place where only the good things happen. It is a place where all things can happen but within a more conscious and more forgiving way. Here are some oils that might help you to become conscious to your suffering and your world. 

The goal is not to achieve a sense of numb neutrality, rather to confidently experience the vibrant swings of a healthy balanced life

Without this perspective it is impossible to see the ever expanding perfection of life and creation.  Change you point of view.

Here are some oils to consider while on your journey. Use them as you like.

Helichrysum in Helichrysum Maceration - is for balance and stability leading to mastery within the higher heart.

Calendula - releases blocks especially around the third eye, mouth, and throat chakra. Allows you to see clearly so that the truth can be told. Clears away fear around what you say can get you in trouble.

Citronella - has become a regular within these blogs. It releases a heaviness from the field and seems to especially strengthen the root chakra so that you can experience a full body presence. It creates ease in moving and being in the world. Leads you from being too serious to finding more happiness.

Spearmint - it aligns the physical body with the soul opening to soul messages. It is the oil of inspiration. 




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  • Beautifully written…thanks for sharing, Meg. I’ve had you on my heart.

    Linda Atwell-Hahn on

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