Strengthening Our Immune System

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Time to get going and get back out there. The virus is still here and no amount of cleaning is going to stop it. It will eventually mutate into inactivity which tends to take two years. We have another year or winter to go before the all clear sounds. How do you protect yourself until then? It is your immune system.

Essential oils have been given the label of anti-viral, but they do not kill viruses. In fact we are not sure how essential oils work. Words like strengthen the cells to defend against virus was contributed to essential oils and essential oils are able to work without degrading the cells. This comes from Paul Belaiche who published his findings with essential oils in the 1970's. Words like anti-bacterial, anti-viral, antiseptic would be applied to the oils. They are not correct terms but we are stuck with this because it is the language of medicine. Essential oils are not killers but balancers. They balance the environment. Strep throat is in every throat and only is a threat when it is out of balance.

Essential oils speak to a greater sense of body and health.The body has an electromagnetic field. This field surrounds your body and protects it. This field can be degraded by air travel, medical procedures, overuse of alcohol and drugs both pharmaceutical and illegal, heavy metals and aluminum, radiation both natural and man made, trauma of various kinds, stress, worry, fear, depression, GMO foods and contaminants, and environmental pollution. 5G is causing quite an uproar because it is believed that 5G especially weakens the energy field. If your energy field is weak. You are weak.

If you get on the internet, there are all kinds of people selling stuff that will help you defend against these forces. I cannot say one way or the other about that. I do know that being in the sun is good for your energy field. Unfortunately we are afraid of the sun and need to wear sun screen. Please, if you need a screen use Lavender and Peppermint as they will not harm you or stop you from making vitamin D.

Why not get a lymphatic massage? The lymph system is the backbone of the immune system. Use Calendula Maceration with Cypress and gentle strokes to revive not only the lymph system but strengthen the immune system.

If you recognize that you are an energy body being protected by an electro-magnetic field, you can begin to see how the essential oils  work in a more dynamic way. Essential oils are able to work with our energy body in a way that can heal our field, lift out the radiation damage, and heal damage to the field caused by all the things mentioned above. Every oil has the ability to heal you on some level.  Reference Gritman Guide to Essential Oils 4th Edition (see Appendix cross references).

Using oils in the bath is one of the best ways to protect and strengthen the energy field. Your bath tub has to be able to withstand the oils; because, tubs with plastic coatings will be damaged by the oils. Spraying into showers, massage, and diffusing will also help get the oils into your field to heal and strengthen it. 

Immune Booster Blend is a combination of oils that help strengthen the field. All of the hot oils will strengthen the field but caution must be used as they can burn.

For radiation damage use use Fennel, Orange, and Douglas Fir

For trauma damage use Savory, Star Anise, Wormwood, Yarrow

For strengthening the energy field use any of the Cedarwoods and any of the Eucalyptuses

For damage from alcohol and drugs use Lemon, Thuja Cedar Leaf, Lemon Petitgrain 

For emotional damage Lemongrass, Patchouli, Petitgrain Bigarade, Sassafras

Other things to boast your immune system:

Drink good water. That is becoming increasingly difficult to find. Remember that praying or blessing your water before you use it can have a positive effect on the water. 

Daily exercise that is moderate. If the exercise is too much, it can weaken you instead of strengthen you. Protecting your adrenals is very important so high levels of stress are to be avoided which includes too much exercise.

Sleep at least 6 hours a day. Caffeine is the biggest cause of insomnia. We drink it to keep us going in our very stressful lives. Cut down or stop the use of caffeine. 

Slow down and enjoy your life. Sometimes we go so fast that we miss the scenery. At night it is hard to relax and go to sleep without alcohol or a pill.

Lastly, I believe part of what the Corona Virus is doing for us is allowing us to look at our fears and let them go. It is time to believe we live in a benign world that has our best interest at heart. We can fill our lives with contentment and serenity. We can trust in ourselves and our world that is greater than ourselves. We are loved and the future looks great. Hope is less stressful than Fear.





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