Spiritual Look At The Virus

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With H. G. Wells' War of the Worlds, Earth was brought to her knees through an alien invasion. What saved us were the viruses of this world. The aliens had no defense against the virus and so they died. The world was saved. Now the virus is after us.

What really is a virus?

Viruses are very very small. They are made of genetic material like DNA or RNA and cannot reproduce on their own. The Corona Virus is made of RNA. DNA is doubled stranded and RNA is single stranded. They are basic genetic material or the directions for making you. A virus cannot replicate itself and needs your DNA and RNA to replicate itself. We are distancing ourselves which means we are not allowing the virus replicate within us. Another interesting fact is that most viruses that cause us harm change through their replication process and become harmless. Will this happen with this virus? It did with SARS, a corona virus of a few years ago.

From a spiritual and scientific point of view, a virus can be seen as a package of information. This information can change you and change your genetic blueprint. A virus can raise consciousness so my teacher Milli Austin, author of the Healing Bath, told me. She said that viruses are the way the natural world expands consciousness within the physical world. What is the information in this corona virus?

If you look at the Chinese Blend, it is about Eucalyptus, Thyme, Helichrysum, and Siberian Fir Needle. Where do you place God in your life? Who or what is God? What role does God or a higher being play in your world? Many may see themselves as taking on godly roles of caring for the less fortunate or wanting to make humanitarian shifts within political and social forums. Shifting from being very self-centered to being more service oriented. How may I help you? Values shift to higher heart of compassion and not so much of lustful love but love for humanity and how to be of service to it. In fact we may start to look down on lustful love or romantic love as being immature. In an Angean world, there is coming to a closer understanding of the natural world and your place within it. Loving the world and being part of a natural ecosystem. It will be interesting to watch how the shift will be defined in your life and in the coming years.

Things will not be the same. Before the virus and after the virus will be a common expression.



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  • This was a very interesting blog. Re-enforces my beliefs. Love is the way. Judgement, fear,anger are not part of my life. I live in mindfullnes and practice every day. some days work, others are more difficult. With this virus, I have been able to share with my family and friends, the choice of fear based living vs love based. thank you Meg—Darcy-certified essential oil practitioner

    Darcy on

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