So Why Aren't We All In Love?

Posted by Meg Shehad on


Eve ate the apple and life has not been the same on this planet. The apple was the fruit from the tree of knowledge. We got smart having opinions and judgments. Being right or knowing right from wrong set in motion a set of rules and punishments. Bliss was replaced with being right. Morality described how you could be happy and what you should avoid. No longer are we available to experience life as it came but we had to control and condemn it. Love would get harder and harder to obtain as following the rules became more important. 

Life was not the only thing we would condemn. We would find ourselves lacking and many of us found ourselves unable to accept let alone love ourselves. Self-loathing comes next and now we find ourselves unlovable. We begin to self sabotage any love that comes our way. We are just not worthy. Being too happy became bothersome as we knew that it could not last. 

We all suffer more or less from lack of love and being unable to accept ourselves or love ourselves. So why aren't we all in love. Basically it is because we will not let it happen. There are all kinds of traumas, disappointments, failures, rejections, sexual misconduct that seem to get in the way. Healing ourselves from all of this and then concentrating on loving ourselves seems to be the key to getting more love. Once you are able to love yourself, the rest seems relatively easy. 

The essential oils play their part in getting us lovable. Here are some that you might try:

Bay - Horrible things have happened like rape, incest and you have taken the fault. There is a tendency to idealize or allow the male or perpetrator to escape responsibility for their actions. Bay pulls you out of this and allows you to see the grandeur and wonder in your life as you come into wisdom.

Rose - This is expensive and rose absolute or rose maceration with rose absolute may be better choice financially. Rose oils help you heal from self-destruction and self-contempt. The premier oil for loving the self.

Pennyroyal - This oil helps you dissolve the need to be right and allow yourself to be happy. Needing to be the authority that condemns or alludes condemnation can safely be let go as you strive to be happy. If you are pregnant, this oil should be avoided.

Calamus - Premier oil for clearing shame. This oil almost always comes into play as one clears and heals. Shame is the primary emotion that stops you from finding the love you want and need.

Please read more about these oils online or in the Gritman Guide.

For using these oils, I enjoy oils in the bath, but the shower, massage, diffusion are also ways that work well. You probably have some ways that work for you. Why not share them with us.



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