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COVID has helped us to reconsider our life and our destiny. Many of you are making choices that will profoundly change your lives. This is no small matter. It brings great light into the future. Hope and promise that was not there can seem overwhelmingly impossible because of major distrusts in our politics at the present moment. It will not always be that way. It is time for you to grasp your future and keep your eye forward. Make your choices as to how to live your life, where to live, and how to support yourself. Hold the course and do not let anyone or anything get into your way. The future is here now, but we just cannot see it. We will in few years. What may now seem confusing and uncertain will become very clear and you will be so happy that you made the choices you are making now. Take the risks. Live the dream if only in your mind. Do not give it up. Now is the time to make it happen if only in tiny steps. Small happenings make big events.

Opening to the Future is here to help you do just that. The oils in it are:

Angel Vision - a blend of oils -

   Blue Chamomile deals with calming internal stress from caused by inner                      growth

   Cornmint deals with healing the negative ego caused by living in a world that              does not support you and you cannot trust

   Tansy Maceration supports your life mission and expels energies that do not                support you

   Sweet Galangal supports you regaining faith in yourself and your vision

   Laurel Leaf supports your ability to know that you can do whatever you need                to do.

Carrot Seed supports you in validating your world and your vision. It will not            support your getting validation from others or the outside world.

Erigeron Maceration recognizes that you have an outer ego as well as an inner     ego. It supports you coming into balance with your outside world and internal     world.

Spearmint supports you being with yourself and your spiritual center. Turn off         the TV and phone and go into nature.

This is a powerful blend that needs to be used within a sacred space because negative energy can be released and needs to be handled in a responsible manner. There are many ways to create sacred space. Many will go outside and just sit in a park, backyard, forest, riverside and smell or wear the oil, or use it in a bath the drops to be determined but 30 drops is not too many, or others will diffuse it into the space, or wear it on the bottom of the feet before you go to sleep. Before you do this, call upon yourself to be there for yourself both higher self and internal/eternal self. Call for protection and help with dealing with any negative energy release. You can visualize a being collecting debris and carrying it off. Some will create a trash can that collects or sucks up negativity and then burns it up. Of course when you create objects in your mind, you must erase them when you are finished and allow them to go back to energy. Give thanks and show gratitude. Native Americans will leave tobacco or cornmeal. How you do this is up to you. Bowing can enough.

This is a very powerful time to be alive. Many changes are occurring and new timelines are opening. There is help available, but asking to be saved will not be honored. We are on our own. We can get assistance but we are the power within ourselves and within our lives. 




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